Accommodation and Facilities

1. The Accommodation : The Touk Meas Plant has its own accommodation which consists of a 135-room facility with individual rooms. It has a comfortable & relaxed atmosphere, designed to allow staff to unwind after their shift. The accommodation is located 550m from the Office Area. Within the accommodation is the dining area which offers a buffet breakfast & a la carte dinner. This facility is also used for company parties & BBQs. Close to the dining area are a multi-purpose gym, football pitches and a basketball court, available 24/7.

2. The Facilities : The Touk Meas Plant Office Area consists of several building for Plant Operations, including the CCR (Central Control Room) which has the latest hi-tech equipment to operate the plant. The Maintenance Workshop is operated by the plant’s Maintenance Department, which is responsible for both urgent and preventative maintenance. The Administration Building is occupied by the TMP Admin Team, the OH&S Team, HR, IT, and the Finance & Procurement Team. The Touk Meas Plant Medical Clinic is staffed 24/7 and is fully equipped to handle any medical emergency.