Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Screening Process: Upon receiving your application, we will review and use a combination of best-practice assessment tools in order to make sure that your CV matches with the position that you have applied for.

If your application is relevant, you will be shortlisted and invited to have a qualification interview.

The pre-qualification interview will provide additional selection criteria in conjunction with your CV in order to shortlist the most relevant candidates. Your first interview will focus on your competencies, capabilities, as well as motivation and ambition.

The second interview is conducted by the Hiring Manager or your Direct Supervisor who will also make the final hiring decision. The interview focuses more on the particular skills and qualities required for the specific position.

In some cases, you may have to undertake a third interview which may be conducted by the relevant Department Head or a peer of your Hiring Manager.

A references check and a medical check on preferred candidates need to be done before hiring.