Career Development

Career Deverlopment

Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation (CMIC) believes that everyone thrives and performs to their highest abilities when they are in charge of their own career paths and professional development. Joining with CMIC, you will be given lots of responsibilities right from the start and expect you to excel at your job and be accountable for your results.

You will have to access to effective learning tools and latest technologies related to Cement Industry as well as corporate and technical training programmes depending on job requirement.

Career Development

Since our people are the foundation of everything we do, the evolution of our employees’ performance level is expected and encouraged. We provide the opportunity and support our employees need to enhance their skills and broaden their experience. We identify the skills gap of our employees and organize training courses accordingly, in leadership, corporate skills, technical skills and safety, all conducted by internal and external professionals and coaches to help develop staff capacity and close the skills gap.

Coaching Culture

A robust coaching culture is implemented to develop our employees’ capacity to realize their full potential. This program is coordinated by our expert consultants with various tracks of achievement in building coaching cultures in many different industries. Every coaching session led by our internal master coach builds the trainee’s confidence in developing their skills and completing their challenging tasks, contributing to their career success.

Leadership Development

We equip our leaders with supervisory and leadership development programs. We believe in T-Shaped skills building, where leaders are experts in their function with additional knowledge of other functions. This model allows our leaders to be well-rounded and boosts inter-departmental collaboration. Our trainers are well-known consultants who develop programs which emphasize change behavior in our leaders.

Management Trainee & Junior Engineer Trainee Programs

If you are a fresh graduate, you are invited to join our Management Trainee Program (for business-related degrees) or Junior Engineer Trainee Program (for engineering-related degrees). Participants join colleagues from different departments to explore and learn about a variety of projects to build their functional competencies. In these programs, we are not only recruiting you to be our employee, but aim to build the next leaders in our company…