Company Background

Chip Mong Group (CMG) is a sole cement distributor for Insee, Camel, and V Cement brands and has managed to break the 1 million tons of sales mark since 2011. To maintain competitiveness and sustainable growth, local production is necessary to assure competitive advantages going forward.

Our plant location has logistical proximity near to the main Phnom Penh market with the availability of all materials, such as clay, laterite and bauxite, which assures excellent product availability and delivery to our customers.

[porto_history year=”Chip Mong Group (CMG)” label=”” image=”823″ el_class=”com-backgound”]In 1982, CMG envisioned that Cambodia was in urgent need of serious and trustworthy businesses that could help with the rebuilding of our country. To make that vision a reality, CMG focused the efforts on being responsive to the changing needs of society and strengthening our relationship with the business communities, both domestic and international.

The rapid development of the company has earned Chip Mong Group a national leader in the fields of- building materials, steel, cement, concrete, and ceramic, as well as consumer products. Also, CMG recently opened up Cambodia’s most technologically-advanced brewery, Khmer Brewery, the producer of Cambodia Beer, a source of pride for all Cambodians.[/porto_history][porto_history year=”SCCC in Thailand” label=”” image=”821″ el_class=”com-backgound”]The company was first established on May 16, 1969 as Siam City Cement Company Limited with the initial registered capital of 100 million baht and began cement production after the completion of its cement plant in 1972.

Its facilities at Saraburi, Thailand grew over the years to become one of the world’s largest cement production plants.

In 2014, the Company achieved Carbon Footprint for Product (CFP) and Carbon Footprint Reduction labels from Thailand Greenhouse Management Organization (TGO). Moreover, the Company also received the Green Industry Level 5 (Green Network) award, which is the highest level awarded by the Ministry of Industry. This makes us the first company in the cement industry to have all of its three plants awarded Green Industry Level 5 certification.[/porto_history][porto_history year=”Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation” label=”” image=”825″ el_class=”com-backgound”]The manufacturing plant of Chip Mong Insee Cement, namely Touk Meas Plant, is located at Touk Meas, in Kampot Province, 125km south of the capital Phnom Penh.  Since groundbreaking in late March 2016, CMIC has built there a fully integrated cement plant just 20 months and will deliver first locally cement product in November 2017. On September 30, 2017, company passed the pivotal milestone of 1st Kiln Firing of its new 5,000 tons per day clinker line.

Chip Mong Insee Cement products are advanced quality cements for both the retail and the industrial market segments, all manufactured from well selected local raw materials, with world class quality control and assurance standards. CMIC’s cements brand “CAMEL” for the retail market and Insee Diamond brand for the technical & industrial markets are supplied from this new facility at Touk Meas.  As a responsible heavy industrial company, Chip Mong Insee Cement is committed to efficiently and properly managing the utilization of Cambodia’s natural resources and deploying its extensive and talented human capital in best international safety standards. We are committed to make the difference in serving the needs of today’s customers without sacrificing the interest of future generations. We do this by adopting an active policy of environmental stewardship that is an integral part of our sustainable development orientation in close collaboration with our stakeholders.

In 21st October 2017, Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation signed an EPC contract with CITIC Heavy Industries of China, for Waste Heat Recovery power generation unit to generate electricity from captured waste heat arising from cement production. Operating with lowest carbon footprint is a core mindset of the company.[/porto_history]