Environmental Performance

Environmental Management System

Cycle of Environmental Management system



  • Management commitment
  • EMS initial review
  • Training /Coaching
  • Communications



  • Environmental Policy
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Resources preparation
  • Environmental aspects risks & opportunities identification
  • Environmental impacts assessment
  • Environmental Objective, Target and Program
  • EMS document control



  • Operational controls
  • Environmental impacts monitoring
  • Record and report



  • Internal & external audit.
  • Data analysis
  • Correction & Corrective action



  • Resources review
  • EMS improvement
  • Continual Improvement


CMIC Environmental Policy

Policy Statement

Our commitment is to continuously improve our environmental performance and provide positive contributions to our business and to society.

The CMIC is committed to sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Policy Principles

There are four main pillars of our Environmental Policy, for which we have assigned principles to guide our progress

Pillars Principles
Management Systems
  • We apply environmental management guidelines and standards worldwide and monitor our performance.
  • We promote our commitment through training and integration into business processes.
  • We comply with local environmental laws, regulations and standards applicable to our products and operations, and internal requirements.
  • We translate our commitments into actions by setting objectives and targets, and monitor our progress towards these targets.
Resources Utilization
  • We promote eco-efficiency, conservation of non-renewable natural resources and recycling of secondary materials over our entire value chain.
  • We invest in the development of innovative and sustainable products and processes.
Environmental Impacts
  • We assess and measure our environmental impacts, continuously improve processes, tools and capabilities and promote best practice in our industry.
  • We develop and implement effective controls to monitor, prevent or minimize the release of pollutants to the environment in our operations.
  • We seek opportunities to protect, restore and enhance biodiversity on and around our sites.
Stakeholder Relations
  • We engage our stakeholders and report publicly on compliance, performance and progress