EVE Program

Enterprise-based Vocational Education (EVE) Program is a program which uses a swiss-based vocational training curriculum, in collaboration with NPIC University in Phnom Penh. This program is to strengthen CMIC’s professional manpower at an execution level, for cement technicians, electrical maintenance, mechanical maintenance, operations and quality assurance chemists. The program is a full three-year curriculum.

Currently we have EVE wave 1 and wave 2, consisting of 12 students, who have been continuing their studies at the plant workshop.  This involves on the job training and training modules with the EVE coordinator, as well as classes held by professional teachers from NPIC University.In August 2017, we conducted EVE placement tests at Touk Meas High School, where 120 grade 12 students from different high schools in Kampot Province participated. 12 “high potential students” will be selected for the EVE 02 program which begins in November 2017.