Water & Nature
CMIC believes that clean water and a healthy natural environment are vital for sustainable community development. Below are some of the activities undertaken by CMIC:

  • Canal restoration :CMIC has supported the restoration of canals to enable easier access to water for households and agricultural usage, as well as for hygiene and sanitation for teachers and students.
  • Construction of water tanks :CMIC has provided a number of 2,000-litre water tanks to schools and pagodas to assist in the storage of water.
  • Provision of wells :Some schools and other public institutions in Kampot Province are short of water. To assist in alleviating this problem, CMIC has dug a number of wells for schools and pagodas.
  • Drainage systems :To help communities avoid the adverse effects of flooding, CMIC has been working with local authorities to identify flood-prone areas and provide relief through building drainage systems. To date, CMIC has assisted at four high-priority areas.