Road Construction/Maintenance

6-road lines in communities around CMIC’s project sites have been filled by maintenance and construction.

a. Picture (1): 570-meter road in Prey Treytaprith village near Touk Meas plant

b. Picture (2): 350-metter road in Prey Taprith village, near Touk Meas Plant

c. Picture (3): 2500-metter road which connects Touk Meas Khang commune and Sdach Kong Khang Lech commune

d. Picture (4): 2-Kilometer road which Touk Meas Plant and communities in Dong Tong district

e. Picture (5): 500-meter in Prey Taprith village to buffer area

f. Picture (6): 250-meter road in Pral village, Tani commune, Angkor district